What they say

"….working with our management teams when we are exiting our portfolio businesses, there is no question that Charlie adds tangible value. The teams may be cynical, but very quickly they see what a difference he can make. And it’s not just making sure that the team comes across with drive, enthusiasm, and a passion for their business. Too often the final presentations are a rehash of the IM, when what you should be doing is telling the story - insightful, clear, persuasive and memorable. Charlie understands how to put that story together, and then to make sure it gets told in the right way."
David Ewing, 
Managing Partner ECI

"One to one communications coaching is the sort of thing easily pushed out of the diary. Time is precious and I don't like wasting it. This was most certainly not a waste of time. The coaching was eye-opening, challenging and engaging. I am definitely a better leader for it."
Charles Egerton-Warburton,
COO Credit Suisse UK

"…the tuition was fantastically professional. Richard worked on understanding the business then on creating an outstanding format and presentation. It took some dedication on both our parts but the results were great…I could not recommend him highly enough."
Caspar Hobbs, Founder, ex CEO, Mergermarket Group


"Garnett & Simpson bring a wealth of experience, they have never failed to raise the individual bar for the people that they have worked with over the years. They have provided a very strong management and development tool for all of my team. They approach their work with style and energy – and it rubs off on the people they work with."
Paul Burd, MD

"G & S have helped us really get to the bottom of what makes people tick and how we can tell our story more far more effectively - in ways that inspire people. They are gifted people and great fun to work alongside, with a clear passion for all that they do. I wholeheartedly commend their work.
Matthew Frost, CEO, Tearfund

"Russ is energetic, professional and perceptive; I found his coaching to be practical, empowering and enlightening. Thoroughly recommended."
Duncan Wales, Deputy General Council Standard Chartered